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Clarity :
We are experts in SOUND AND VISION
We love installing sound systems!

With an award winning background in Conference and Event Production,  our job has always to make our clients heard and understood.  


Speech quality and intelligibility are the most important elements in getting your message across, whether addressing thousands of delegates, or creating an immersive environment within a Place of Worship. 

Our use of the latest acoustic modelling software ensures that your sound system is designed and installed to stringent Industry specifications and standards. 

Every installation West Audio Visual undertakes is unique - designed and installed with every consideration of budget and expectation.

We work a great deal with Places of Worship, which, because of the changing dynamic of Worship in the 21st Century, creates many technical, acoustic and architectural challenges. 

We listen.  We take care.  We thrive on your enjoyment.

Wellington Church TOA SR series and Tannoy i9
Tannoy i7 infils at New Kilpatick Parish Church
Tannoy VLS15 at Oakshaw Trinity
STMAchars Detail 1200x1850.jpg
Crathie detail 800x1200.jpg
oakshaw detail002.jpg


This is the 21st Century.  We expect video on demand, we wonder at real-time, face to face communication via the internet, and we take for granted 24 hour rolling news. 

The Church of the 21st Century has embraced this technology enthusiastically, and the challenges that this brings are, in equal measure, architectural, financial and logistical.  In some cases, it really becomes "The Art of The Possible".

We only use the latest technologies - HDBaseT, CAT6A/CAT7 backbones, with current HDMI 2.0 interfaces and multi-format a/v switching and scaling.  Future-proof  - within realistic boundaries.

We always offer best practice at the best price, and our supply base is independent, and wherever possible, we use UK based suppliers and manufacturers who uphold our stringent quality and guarantee process.

Panasonic screens distributed over CAT6e at Cardonald Parish Church
Panasonic screens and Tannoy VX8 at Gurdwara Guru Granth Sahib
Panasonic HD screens at Lenzie Old Parish Church


The Law - Understanding your Legal and Social responsibilities.

The Equality Act 2010 legally protects people from discrimination in the workplace and in wider society.  


It sets out the different ways in which it’s unlawful to treat someone, including the hearing-impaired.  All public buildings, including Houses of Worship, should have a fully-compliant Induction Loop system, or other assistive-listening device, in order to satisfy the needs of both The Equality Act and current Building Regulations.  

By designing and installing Induction Loop systems to this stringent code, we uphold these principles to help create the best possible listening experience for all of our clients.


For hearing impaired people,  that means providing a high performance, fully compliant and appropriate assistive listening system that delivers good, clear, intelligible sound.

We offer a Zero VAT option for businesses with Charitable status (HMRC terms & conditions apply).

Current UK Regulations:
(Click links to get full information)
Univox multi-zone induction loop at Oakshaw Trinity
Univox PLS X3 and A/T wireless mic for Thorntoun Care Home Induction Loop
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