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3-zone, multiple-turn Loop system in Oakshaw Trinity, Paisley


  • Accredited Induction Loop system designers and installers

  • ISCVE-accredited IEC 60018-4 Hearing Loop Assessors

  • Design and Certification to IEC 60018-4 (2006/2014) 

  • Churches, care homes, public buildings and offices

  • Extensive product range, including Univox, Ampetronic and Signet brands

  • Architecturally sensitive installation

  • Log book and Loop Listening device supplied as standard

  • Zero-VAT for Registered Charities and Trusts (HMRC Ts & Cs apply)

  • 5-year warranties on all products 

Click the image below to read a concise guide to Induction Loops, published as a CARTA "Quick Guide"


A recent installation in Lornebank Care Home, Hamilton.  Two tv lounges, one above the other, served by different tv signals, created a bit of a challenge.  Two phased-array loops, one in the roof space above the upper lounge, and one in the floor (see photo) for the lower floor, gave a good -42dB separation between the 2 levels, while still giving the hearing-impaired residents a good +4.8dB, 3-D individual soundscape in each area.

Oakshaw Trinity Church, Paisley.  A Vast space with three main seating banks on the ground level, each bank covering 250sqm.

Using 3 Univox X3 loop amplifiers , we created a figure-of-8 loop around each area, each served by its own loop amplifier.  Architecturally-sensistive and unobtrusive.

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